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Using a free SEO keyword research tool can help you to identify which keywords to use for your website, blog or articles. There are several tools available online, such as Ubersuggest, Keyword Tool Dominator and TagCrowd. Using the right tool will help you to get the most out of your SEO campaign.


Using an SEO keyword research tool can help you increase your search traffic and improve the health of your website. It also helps you understand the best keywords for your site. These tools come in two varieties - free and premium. Some tools also come with an added bonus of user experience features.

Wordtracker is a great free keyword research tool for SEO. It is easy to use and provides a quick set of results. In addition, Wordtracker also offers several paid SEO related products.

Insta Keywords is a great tool for identifying long tail keywords. It identifies keywords for different regions and languages. It also shows the top Google search queries in a graphical format.

Soovle is a great keyword research tool that uses a number of autocomplete databases. It also allows you to customize your search engine. For example, you can select Baidu, Overstock, eBay, or Google to see if your keywords have been suggested there. You can also download your search suggestions in a CSV file format.

Another great free keyword research tool is Google Trends. This service compares search trends over time and across different regions. It also offers metrics in Excel and PDF format.

Google Search Console is a web service provided by Google that helps web developers check for indexing, crawling, and ranking issues. It also offers a free keyword ranking tool to help webmasters find the most relevant keywords for their sites.

Keywords are important because they let people know what you offer. They also fill in the gaps between search queries and answers. It is important to use keywords correctly, so that you can rank on the first page of Google SERPs.

Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Using Ahrefs Keyword Generator is a great way to discover new keywords for your website or blog. This tool is a free service that generates up to 100 keyword ideas based on a seed keyword.

The free tool uses a variety of search engines to generate keywords. You can choose from Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon. It also allows you to select less competitive keywords.

You can also see how many searches have been made for a keyword over a period of time. This is useful if you want to find the best keyword to rank for. The tool also allows you to save the keywords you find. You can also export your results.

The free tool includes a keyword difficulty checker. This will help you choose the best keywords for your website.

The tool will also show you the average ranking position and the average click-through rate for your keywords. You can use this data to help you determine whether your content is relevant to the search query.

The tool also provides a comprehensive list of related keywords. You can also apply smart filters to narrow down your search results.

The tool includes a 14-day free trial. It also has a beginners guide. You can use the tool with your websites URL.

It also has an interesting SERP page feature that shows keyword ideas in a widget. It also includes search data from more than 70 countries.

You can also sign up for a free account and get three searches per day. If you sign up for a paid account, you can get access to more keywords.

The tool also has an interesting feature where you can add your own custom search engines. You can choose Google, Overstock, eBay, Baidu, and other search engines.


Among the many keyword research tools available, the Ubersuggest SEO keyword research tool is one of the most affordable and effective options. The tool offers users the ability to perform keyword analysis and find profitable keywords for their sites. The tool is also easy to use for beginners.

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool from the content marketing guru Neil Patel. It is a Chrome extension that gives keyword insights. The tool displays data such as search volume, keyword competition, cost-per-click, traffic estimates, social shares, and backlinks.

Users can also perform site audits and get suggestions on how to fix problems. The site audit feature offers detailed data on the SEO score of the website. It also offers suggestions on how to improve your content.

Ubersuggest also provides detailed keyword data for thousands of keywords. In addition, users can perform competitor analysis and get ideas for content marketing. The tool also offers recommendations on how to boost page rankings.

Ubersuggest is free to use, although you can opt for a premium plan for access to more features. The free plan includes keyword data, including search volume, backlinks, and competition. However, the free plan does not include historical keyword search volume or organic click-through rate. The free plan also limits users to three keyword searches per day.

The premium plan includes a backlink checker, competitor analysis, a site audit, and more. You also get access to 900 daily reports. The enterprise plan allows you to run 15 projects.

Ubersuggest is available in nine different languages. The company also offers a free seven-day trial. Its free plan has some limitations, but it is still useful to beginners.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Using a free SEO keyword research tool can be a significant boost to any online or offline marketing campaign. With the right keywords, you can attract a large audience and improve your page ranking on Google.

SEO Powersuite is an all-in-one keyword research tool that is considered a one-stop solution for businesses. The tool analyzes the top Google search queries and provides users with the most popular keywords for different regions. It also helps users build backlinks. It is a powerful tool that can give users insights into their competition and backlink opportunities.

Wordtracker is a long-running keyword research tool that was founded by Mike Mindel and Andy Mindel in the late 1990s. Its free to use and it allows users to perform up to 10 queries a month.

Keysearch is a comprehensive keyword research tool that includes rank tracking, SEO competition analysis, and backlink opportunities. It also provides users with information about language usage by users.

Keyword Tool Dominator pulls data from Walmart, Etsy, and eBay. It is a great tool for e-commerce businesses. The tool is free to use and it allows users to view rankings for competitors.

Ubersuggest was previously known as a keyword suggestion tool. The tool provides users with information about search volume, seasonal trends, and views on most searched topics. It also helps users find long-tail keywords quickly. Its new features include a keyword difficulty notification that tells users whether the keyword is easy to rank. It also helps users find accurate stats.

Keyword Explorer is a keyword research tool that gives users insights into keyword usage. It also provides suggestions for similar keywords. Its one of the best keyword research tools available for free.


Using an SEO keyword research tool can help you to find keywords that are relevant to your niche and that will help your website rank higher in search engines. Keyword research can also help you to maintain your website and track its performance.

Google Trends is one of the easiest ways to find popular questions related to a primary keyword. The platform uses real-time data to analyze search trends across regions and languages. The results are presented in charts and graphs.

TagCrowd is an SEO keyword research tool that lets you generate word clouds. It also lets you visualize the frequency of words in your content. These clouds allow you to see how many times a specific word appears in your text, which helps you to determine the best keyword frequency for your site.

Another free tool that helps you find keyword opportunities is SpyFu. This tool allows you to see keywords that are relevant to your website, and it also includes a PPC analyzer. Besides, it provides historic data and custom reporting. You can even test out the features for free.

Keyword Magic Tool is another easy to use keyword research tool. It uses eBays Autocomplete database, Amazons Autocomplete database, and Googles Autocomplete database to create hundreds of long-tail keyword phrases from a single search query.

There are several free tools that you can use for keyword research, including TagCrowd and Keywords Everywhere. The latter has Firefox and Chrome extensions. It also has a free trial that allows you to make five keyword searches per day. The trial version also includes a rank tracker, content assistant, and backlink checker.

If youre looking for a more powerful free keyword research tool, Keysearch is a good choice. It is bundled with SEO analysis software, and you can use it to perform competitor content analysis.

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